Posted 3 months ago

I love these clocks. #Stockton

Posted 6 months ago

Beyond true.

Posted 7 months ago

Finally trying this one out.

Posted 9 months ago

Pumpkin Party 2013

Posted 9 months ago

My dream car randomly parked next to me the other day—one day. #Audi #R8

Posted 9 months ago

Just won $75 on a scratcher! These bingo ones take forever but are so fun. #bingo #gambling #scratcher

Posted 12 months ago

Am I cool or too late?

Posted 1 year ago

As good as it gets. @jalilthebarber haircut.

Posted 1 year ago

Happy birthday Elvis! 12 goofy years old. #tbt #germanshorthair

Posted 1 year ago

I never do this but #tbt